Wednesday, November 26, 2014

But We Dont Do it That Way ! Thanksgiving Dinner

I love mashed potatoes and it has always been a favorite dish at our Thanksgiving dinners. This year, I volunteered to make them.  Since I have MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis and  few other things including being pressed for time, I have decided to do things differently.  gasp!  Im not going to peel them. triple gasp!!!

 When it becomes hard to do your normal activities find a different way of doing them.
 Use your slow cooker.  Put a rack in the bottom or use crushed balls of aluminum foil.
 Fill with clean potatoes and add about 1/2inch of water. That is one half inch of water, not 1/2 full!  Put on the lid and cook on high or (250 degrees) until the potatoes are very well done.
 The skins will slip right off or you may leave them on but that's NOT our traditional way . LOL   Let them cool a bit before removing the skins and proceed  with YOUR usual mashed potato recipe .

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