Monday, November 25, 2013

Make a Christmas Tree

Downsizing presented yet another problem for me.  My large 9ft Christmas tree wouldn't fit into my smaller house.  I sold the tree but didn't get enough money to buy another tree I liked soooo..... I made my own tree!
It wasn't hard to do. All you need is some thin wood, glue, nails, wire or twine and green garland.  The tree is flat on the back to be hung onto a wall or into a corner as mine is.

Since we were renovating our house we had lots of wood scraps so I didn't need to buy anything.  I decided on the overall size and shape of tree to fit my space.  I used an 8ft piece of flat wood, maybe 1/2 inch thick. Looked good. Decided on the width of the branches and attached them onto the board with wood glue and small nails.  Size and shape is up to you.
When I was satisfied with the arrangement I spray painted the tree green. You can use whatever color you wish.  It will show thru the branches a bit.
Wrap and glue the trunk area in burlap, jute twine or leave it as is.

I purchased some green garland from a thrift store and used some I already had.  I don't recommend using glue to attach the garland to the tree base.  Use a flexible wire, twist ties or I used nylon fishing line, the black kind.
I cut the line into short lengths and wrapped and tied the garland.
Go back and forth with the garland until you reach the top.  When done, fluff and make adjustments.  Decide how to attach the tree to your wall.  I put some nails into the wall and used the same line to wrap around the tree and the nails.  Now its almost cat proof !  You could also use a large picture hanger.  Decorate anyway you wish.  Lights can be left on the tree when it is stored away.
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