Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'll Have a Blue Christmas

Christmas Eve is almost here. That is the day I am supposed to have everything decorated, food cooked, gifts wrapped and be ready to spend the day with family.  Why couldn't my knee have waited another 2 days before it went out??  The gifts are not wrapped. At least the shopping is finished, thanks to my husband.  We are almost finished moving into our smaller house. Unfortunately, the renovating is not done and the dining room and kitchen are still covered with boxes, bags of who knows what.  I did enough decorating.  Im happy with that.   It feels so much better lying down than it does trying to hobble around and find a place for everything. Im stressed. Who am I kidding? Im exhausted.  Ive over worked my body with the moving, downsizing and renovating.  Everything ended up being a bigger job than even I thought it would be.  All I want to do is rest and enjoy the reason for the Christmas season, the birth of Jesus.  Rest is so important if you have fibromyalgia , MS, arthritis or some other chronic pain disease. It seems like everyone, including the medical community, always put the emphasis on exercise, exercise, exercise. There has to be a balance.  There has to be time for you to rest.  Drs ask "What kind of exercise you do?"  They should also ask "What do you do for fun?  Do you get to rest everyday?"  Well I have not had enough of either lately.  Its through no fault of my own.  Just doing what I had to do, like all other women.  I hope you get to rest for Christmas and enjoy time with family and friends.

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