Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas in the Kitchen

The Lord blessed my friend with a large crop of pecans and she shared some with me.  Thanks Janice!  Pecan pie ?  Maybe but first I put up my final Christmas decoration.
I had bought a garland from the Habitat Restore months ago.  It was about $1, maybe less.  I had purchased some of those red satin balls at a yard sale.  I never intended to use them on the tree :)  Pretty Christmas ribbon was bought last year at a discount price.  I cut off 2 sections of the green garland with some snips.  I began laying some decorations I already had on top of each piece of garland.  Since I had no wire to attatch them I used some black fishing line.  Wrapped it around each item like I would have wire. It worked well and didnt show from the front.

Since I was going to hang this on my cabinet doors I added a long length of red ribbon to the backside of the top of the garland bundle.  I wrapped the line around it also.

I brought the ribbon to the inside of the cabinet door and tied it to an upside down hook.  I used the removeable kind.  You could also use a nail or tape.
A quick job finished.  Cost almost nothing and I have garland left over to decorate the mailbox. Maybe this is not the final decoration?   Pecan pies first or maybe that yummy apple pie thing Mama used to make.