Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Favorite Gift Wraps

For some reason I was in the Christmas spirit around September.  I found wrapping paper and ribbon for cheap.  Some very pretty plaid wall paper was less than $1 at the local Habitat store and I found a roll of tulle decorating ribbon on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  I dont remember if I had a specific project in mind.  I liked the subtle gold sparkle and it has been useful for other projects too.

The wrapping has begun.  Even a clutz like me can make a bow from wire edged ribbon. You dont need a tutorial for these if you can tie your shoes.  A simple bow looks pretty if you add curling ribbon of different colors.   I find the curling ribbon is easier to secure to the package than the organdy ribbons.  I pull a few strings to the back of the wire edged ribbon bow and tape securely to the package.  If the ribbon gets crushed before Christmas you can easily reshape it. If you are on a tight budget you can even reuse the wire edge ribbon next year.   Just retie the bow and add new curling ribbon .  You can staple the bows to the top of a gift bag but be sure there are no sharp edges to the staple.  I decided to tie mine around the bag handle after cutting my finger on one.

I cant put these under my tree before Christmas because my cats manage to tear off the bows .  :)  Look for different colored ribbons on clearance racks and start a collection to decorate your packages year round.

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