Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vintage Romantic Look Recycle Project

My latest recycle project.  I used items on hand and paid about .50 for the  two wire baskets.
I bought 2 of the half round wire flower planters at a yard sale.  I fastened them together in the middle by wrapping a strip of cotton fabric all around.  You could also use wire.  Last fall I wove vines from my yard around the sphere.  They lasted several weeks on my porch before they dried up.  I crinkled the leaves off and left the dried vines.
This spring, I lightly spray painted the whole thing with paint I already had. It was a light sage green. Then I stuffed some clear, christmas tree lights inside. Mine have the white cord which should blend in with the light paint color.   I wove new vines ( you could also use artificial ones ) on the outside.   When the leaves dry I can always crinkle them off and add something new.  For a hanger Im using a dog leash chain I already had.  I can hardly wait to see this lit up and hanging outside my vintage Airstream camper!

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